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Spinal Radiosurgery

Linac Mischer HoustonMischer Neuroscience Institute is one of the few organizations in the nation to offer stereotactic spinal radiosurgery, delivered using a linear accelerator (LINAC). This can replace standard radiation treatment for tumors involving the spine and spinal cord. Treatment can be completed in one session, usually in a half-day, in an outpatient setting.

Focus on Collaboration

Physicians affiliated with MNI are focused on collaboration between disciplines to provide the best possible patient experience. A team of affiliated experts in neurosurgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology work with referring physicians to provide patients with the most comprehensive and high-quality care. Depending on each patient's individual case, stereotactic spinal radiosurgery can function as the primary form of treatment or be used to supplement other methods. MNI also offers the skills of its neurosurgeons for patients, when indicated.

Neck and Spine Regions

In medical terminology, the spine is divided into regions that correspond to their position along the vertebrae in the backbone. These sections are:

  • Cervical vertebrae in the neck (C1-C7)
  • Thoracic vertebrae in the chest-level or upper back segment (T1-T12)
  • Lumbar vertebrae in the lower back (L1-L5)
  • Sacral vertebrae in the pelvic region (S1-S5)

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